My name is Carmen, and I have been a Reborn Artist since 2003. I am better known for my unique OOAK doll bodies that are designed to appear as clothing. Uniquely crafted with high quality fabrics, laces and embellishments. They are durable and increase the value of your collector reborn doll or OOAK baby sculpt.

I am excited to re-enter the world of dolls again and to learn all the new and updated techniques associated with this art form. My experience in Doll Art and Restoration along with a strong background in painting with Acrylics and Oils are true blessings in bringing these babies to life.

Custom Doll Bodies

Custom Doll bodies are my specialty. I choose high quality fabrics and lace so your baby appears dressed at all times.

Earlier Works

Here you can view some of the reborn dolls that I created from 2003-2007.

My Selling Places

I sell many different doll bodies and styles on both eBay, Etsy and Facebook. Occasionally I have a reborn for sale too.